Retail openings


REMIND MARKETING in their eagerness to offer the latest trends in visual marketing and through their extensive experience in fabric printing have perfected an innovative product for Store Openings called “Tension velcrofix fabrics”.

SUPPORTS: Plasterboard, Construction Wood, Showcase Interior on street floor, Showcase Interior / Exterior in Shopping Centre.

EASY SET-UP by any construction worker even without experience

SAVE MONEY AND TIME: No need to paint plasterboard or wood to set up the Fabric.

LOGISTICS: Perfect for export as reduced weight and volume minimise transport cost.

Thanks to its multiple supports, its easy set-up and money and time saved in transport, the tension velcrofix fabrics will totally replace vinyl.

LUMINOUS BANNERS: Our small width luminous banners will revolutionise the world of retail and events...

Weight, volume, size, esthetics are the parameters which we dominate.